Aayers Rocky Ridge Hardwood Collection

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The beautiful layers of our multi-tone hand stain finishes are perfect partners, dancing together like a dream. You’ll be instantly swept away as your house becomes your dream home. Multi Layers Handmade stain innovation takes the hand of French Oak and North American Maple and Hickory, then moves and sways with sheer elegance.  Let our Rocky Ridge Collection take the lead as you step into modern hardwood beauty!



Color Variations

As Mother Nature evolves over time, this wood floors color changes and become more beautiful with age. This is a natural process that augments the beauty and character of your home.

Change the atmosphere of your living space without changing the décor.  Imagine changing to a new floor every year, without paying for it!

Board-to-Board Color Variation
Wood is a natural material that features changes in color and tone. The board-to-board color variation is more pronounced in some species, less in others. This variation is part of the beauty of wood flooring.
If you like the look of contrasting light and dark tones, select a species that offers most color variation.

American Wood

Aayers Floors Rocky Ridge Engineered flooring uses premium Hickory and Maple species timbers harvested in the USA. Sourced from sustainable forests, both species are heavy, hard, strong and durable. They are ideal fit for your home, just choose your style.

Rocky Ridge Specs

Length: Up to 6-1/4′
Width 7.5″
thicjkness 1/2″
Bevel: Microbevel
Finish: Scratch Resistant Matte
Warranty: 30 Years


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