Choosing Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

There are a lot of different wood flooring options on the market today. Below we will help you sort through the options and find the best choice for your home.

Engineered wood is constructed from different plies of wood with a solid top layer of wood. There are more trees utilized to create the plies and less waste associated with engineered wood so it is considered a more eco-friendly product. Because of the construction it is –

  • More resistant to everyday wear and tear
  • more resistant to buckling or rippling
  • can be used in moist areas like bathrooms or basements
  • no nails or glue required
  • Cheaper than solid wood

Solid Wood Boards
Made from planks of solid wood. Has a great longevity and can be repaired.

  • Can be sanded and refinished
  • Ages over time and enhances the natural beauty
  • Urethane coated flooring can be recoated rather than resanded which is more economical


The look of your wood flooring will depend on what species it is. Each species has a specific look and grain pattern which allows it to be identified. The trends of in style wood are constantly changing but exotic woods and bamboo flooring are currently in vogue.

Board Width
Board width is a big factor in how your wood will look in your home. Narrow planks can help to expand the size of a room while wider boards or planks can make a small room look smaller.

Grain Visual
Depending on how the wood is cut you can achieve different grain visuals on your boards. If you are looking for more uniform graining patterns you will want a classic cut but for more pattern in your grains you can choose a rift and quartered cut floor.

Board Thickness-
When working with prefinished products you will have to look at the different thickness of the boards. The thicker your flooring the less like it is to twist, warp or cup. High quality wood is generally thicker to help preserve the product.

Gloss Level-
The sheen or gloss level of your product is also important. High gloss can be beautiful but harder to keep clean. Semi-gloss is popular for high-traffic areas but can also show a lot of dirt and spots. Satin is popular in a lot of rooms, especially hallways and kitchens. Finally, matte flooring is becoming increasingly popular. It is a forgiving sheen and hides dirt and dings well.

Edge Style-
The edge or bevel style of your flooring is also important to look at. It can add an additional style or design to your flooring. A square edge will allow the boards to sit flush together and gives a more traditional look while bevel edge creates a depth between each board.