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Gym Flooring

At A-Max Hardwood we provide gym flooring services for all your needs in Arizona. We can install, refinish, repair and maintain gym flooring. We have more than 50 years of gym flooring experience and have the know how to solve even the most complex flooring needs. We have both MFMA and Mill accreditation.

We have many gyms under our belt and have seen just about everything when it comes to gym flooring. We can create you a unique gym design that will capture your ideas perfectly. We can combine all different aspects to create a custom gym including paint, staining and logos to create a custom gym. No project is too big, and no design is too intricate for our team. Contact A-Max Hardwood Arizona if needing help with a gym project.

Gym Flooring Services

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Gym Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is a great way to revitalize your floor. No matter how worn or damage your floor is we can create a beautiful finished product. Our team works with both oil and water-based products and are happy to discuss these options pros and cons with you. Our team does the entire project from start to finish including sanding, painting and finishing.

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Gym Floor Installation

We have installed hundreds of gyms. Our vast experience ensures we can provide a quality installation that will be enjoyed for years to come. We follow the strict policies set out by the gym floor mills in their accreditation process.

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Gym Floor Maintenance

Maintaining your gym flooring is a vital step to improving the longevity. We recommend that you add two coats of finish to your floor each year to protect it. A-Max Hardwood provides quality buff and coat services that take the proper steps to ensure adhesion and a quality finished product.


Gym Floor Design

The design process of your gym floor should be a fun and exciting process. We have an in house representative that can meet with you and help you through the design process. We do all the design work, logo and colors ourselves.

Cities A-Max Hardwood Services in Idaho

A-Max Hardwood can work in many states because of our extensive licensing. We offer gym floor services in all areas of Arizona. Our gym flooring division is available all year and eager to help you with your flooring needs. Our team can work on any maple flooring including volleyball courts, dance floors, basketball courts and many other services. We can install a new floor, refinish your existing floor, perform maintenance and repairs. We service all parts of Arizona.

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