Gym flooring is an expertise one must acquire through years of working. A-MAX flooring has a staff just dedicated to gym flooring. Our staff has over 50 years of experience installing, sanding, logos and painting gym floors. A-MAX will work directly with you to create a gym flooring experience that you absolutely love and can’t wait to show your fans.

Preparation is the only way to make something perfect. A-MAX has the preparation and set processes to make sure your gym floor comes out perfect. There are lots of choices to be made between gym paint, lines, logos and stains. We are happy to sit down with you and go over these choices to help you with your decisions. By having a dedicated team to make the right decisions is key to a great looking floor for you, the coaches, players and fans.


Service Areas: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, California


A-MAX has installed hundreds of gym floors. We have installed many different types of court systems & types of courts.


When your court needs to be refinished and made fresh again, A-MAX is here. Our company has refinished thousands of gym floors.

Screen & Coat

The MFMA recommends that you screen and recoat every year to ensure that your floor continues to have a great coefficient of friction.

Paint & Design

A-MAX makes your court look unique, fresh and stunning. Our logos are detailed, the paint is bright and our design is unique.

Gym Flooring Service Areas


  • Step by Step process throughout the flooring process
  • MFMA recommended processes
  • Use only the best gym finish
  • Full court layout prior to starting
  • Advanced processes unique to A-MAX
  • A full dedicated staff to your flooring project
  • A floor that will last your institution years to come

When you choose A-MAX you are choosing our years of expertise to help guide you through your project. Our company does hundreds of floors a year we will make sure your project meets and exceeds your expectations.



The initial step is to make you feel comfortable with who A-MAX flooring is. Our estimate will come to your gym and get am accurate square footage, your initial expectations and needs as well as an overall feeling for your institution. By coming on site we are able to create a layout for you to visually see. This allows us to have open dialog and create the perfect court.


Once the bid is accepted, work then begins on the designated day. Our crew will setup everything such as power, installation tools, sanders and our vacuums. The A-MAX employees will begin to make your masterpiece come to life. During this process all our employees will have your specific gym layout with placements, logos and lines. This ensures a seamless project for both the employees and you.


Once the gym has been sealed we will then begin to paint the floor and have you check off everything is perfect. Finally, the final finish coats will go onto the floor. At this point once the floor is done we will allow it to cure for the needed time. We will then do a walk-thru with you for any questions you might have about the floor. We will also show you how to clean the floor to keep it in the best shape possible.