Your floors can be beautiful again, it just takes a few days and some know how. We can restore hardwood floors back to their original glory with our dustless refinishing process in Meridian, Idaho. Our teams use the sanding standards to provide a beautiful and high quality finished project. When combined our team has more than 150 years of hardwood installation and refinishing experience in Meridian. We combine our knowledgeable team with the best equipment on the market to ensure the highest quality finished product. We also use the best finishes on the market to ensure the floors in your Meridian home last the test of time. We want your floor to serve your family well for years and know that with the right sanding, finish and care it will.

When we meet with customers to discuss their refinish the biggest concern is almost always dust. Dust is a huge part of a refinish but luckily we have a solution. We have the best dust removal vacuum on the market, a trailer mounted vacuum that is designed to eliminate dust in your home during the refinishing process. Our dust containment system does not just stop at our vacuum system, we also use dust skirts and other tools to reduce dust. We love the trailer system because it also allows us to bag dust outside, further reducing dust presence in your home. This cutting edge dust reduction system is a must when refinishing your floor.

nwfa certified sand and finishing
arboritec uv certified


When you look at the hardwood industry over the last 20 years you may be shocked by all the new technology. One of the big changes has been in flooring finishes. Water-based floor finish is a great option for many people, it is durable and has less drawbacks than oil based products. Along with water based products UV finishes have also been introduced. UV and water-based floor finish have lower VOCs, lower cure times and are better for you health wise. Oil based products can contain a lot of VOCs which makes them smell so badly and the cure time can be up to 60 days which means the floor is off-gassing VOCs for nearly 2 months. When you use water based finishes you still get a long wear life, 5-8 years is the recommended timeline for doing a maintenance coat.


Hardwood flooring is popular because it is resilient. Hardwood can takes years of use and abuse before it starts to dull. After the flooring finish begins to wear thin or you wear all the way to raw wood it is time to have the floor refinished. It is remarkable how beautiful your floor looks after just two days of work.

How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • On time to the job site
  • Careful with your property and home
  • Keep the site tidy and clean up each day
  • Meet your special needs when possible
  • Communicate well and answer questions
  • Background checked
  • Performs a walk thru without after the project is complet

You can expect the following from a wood floor refinish:

  • Scratching removed
  • Cracks filled
  • Sheen is restored and even
  • Germs and dirt removed
  • Pet stains may be removed but not guaranteed
  • Floor is smooth
  • Cleaning kit provided to maintain your floor
  • Floor is beautiful and restored to its former glory
  • Job to take 2-3 days
  • Floor will be maintenance free for 5-8 years and then you will need a maintenance coat


When you are ready to talk about your hardwood refinishing project our team will schedule a meeting with you. When its time for your bid one of our estimators will arrive at your home. We will talk to you about who we are, what makes us different and how we work. After we have introduced ourselves, we will want to get to know you, what you are looking for, what you want your finished floor to look like, your thoughts and feelings on finishes, stains, colors and any questions or concerns you may have. We rarely make recommendations for peoples’ floors. The reason we want to know what you want is so we can meet or exceed your expectations, if you are looking for a darker floor and we recommend a lighter stain or no stain at all you might end up disappointed in the finished product and that’s not something we want. Once we understand what you want we can give you options for your flooring project.

After you agree with the hardwood floor refinishing bid for your Meridian, Idaho home we will put your job on the master schedule. Once the job is on the master schedule you will get an email letting you know the day and time your project is to begin.

On the day of the hardwood floor refinishing work our crew will come in marked trailers and A-Max Hardwood uniforms. Our lead foreman for the job will walk the job with you for any last minute questions. Then the work will begin.

After each hardwood floor refinish we like to do a post job walk-thru. This lets you see the work we did and ask any questions you might have, This is done with the lead foreman on the job.


Dust is a huge concern for our Meridian homeowners. No one wants to spend days cleaning dust off their belongings after we finish their floor. We also hate dust; it gets in our eyes and makes the air unhealthy to breath. We have spent a lot of time and money to provide a dust free environment to our customers. We have the top vacuum system in the industry and are proud of how much it sucks.

The vacuum system features a 27 H.P. motor that is so powerful it was designed for tractors. The dust is not bagged in your home but instead is sucked outside through hoes where it can be disposed of. This vacuum system is remarkable and makes a huge difference in our work. We are a 99% dust free company and know that is a very valuable service for our customers.

When sanding hardwood there is no way to not produce dust, its just part of the process. By utilizing equipment that can capture 99% of the dust and training our employees to use the right techniques we can leave your home nearly dust free. The bona dustless vacuum are a game changer. The bona atomic trailers are the industry standard for dustless refinishes.

Reasons to use a dustless trailer vacuum-

  • Dust is removed immediately
  • Dust is not circulating in the air
  • Air is safer to breath during the project and after we leave
  • Finish quality is improved

We are proud to offer the best dustless hardwood floor refinishing system in meridian and proudly use this system during our installations as well.