Extend Your Floors Life & Look

Hardwood needs love between hardwood flooring refinishes. Since we use high PH cleaner mixed with mechanical scrubbers and high powered vacuums, you get a very clean floor. Once the floor is super clean, we then buff the floor and get any small scratches out of the floor. We then add a fresh new coat of wood flooring finish. By adding new coats of flooring finish on your wood floors we are extending the use of your floor. Did you know if you properly maintain your floor it could last 200 years or more?

Make your floor look new again. If you maintain the floor by adding new coating every 3-5 years, your floor will be a forever floor. Once the fresh coating is applied, your sheen will look perfect again and minor scratches will completely disappear. The end result is a new floor you love!

Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

During normal use of a wood floor. the sheen will usually dull and obtain scratches over the years. A hardwood floor maintenance coat is a great way to extend the life of your floor, hide small scratches and make the floor look like “glass” again. A maintenance coat takes considerably less time and is around 1/3 the cost of refinishing.

  • Dustless process
  • Quick 2-4 hour turn around
  • Amazing results
  • Hide small scratches and flaws
  • Great shine/sheen
  • Durable finishes that extend the life of the floor.

The Maintenance Coat Process


After answering any questions or concerns you have, we will vacuum and wet tack/clean the entire floor. This makes sure we are starting off with a clean floor for our machines to work on. We will then use a micro-fiber mop to get anything remaining off the floor before step 2.


After the initial cleaning, we will do a second cleaning with our Dirt dragon. This machine will scrub your floor with a high pH solution to get any grime left on the floor off. We want to make sure that nothing is under the new finish that shouldn’t be there.


Once the floor is completely clean, we can move to buffing the floor. Buffing the floor serves 2 purposes. First, it takes out the small scratches and gives us a new canvas to work on.  Second, buffing the floor abrades the existing finish which allows the new coat to adhere to it.


Once the floor is clean and abraded, we can move on to the last step. The last step is to put the new finish on the floor. The new finish will have great shine/sheen and will fill in the old scratches to hide them significantly. The whole maintenance coating process takes 2-4 hours.