Refresh your floors from dull and tired to beautiful and shiny again. Hardwood refinishing is a great way to refresh your floors and return them to their original look and feel. A-max is an certified company. We have over a 100 years experience between our employees. Our teams are highly experienced with hardwood installation and refinishing. We combine out well qualified team with the best equipment on the market to ensure we can provide the highest quality finished floor. We also use the latest technology in flooring finishes to ensure we are providing a durable floor that will last a long time.

Many of our Nampa homeowners are concerned about dust. Dust is a big part of any Nampa hardwood floor refinishing project but with the right tools it wont be part of your home. We combine proper training, equipment, and vacuums to keep the dust contained. The A-max teams utilize a 27hp water cooled motor for their vacuums. This trailer mounted vacuum is kept outside your home and quickly removes dust from your home. The trailer is powerful but another advantage of the trailer is that the dust does not need to be bagged in your home helping to further reduce dust. We truly believe the dustless sanding process is a requirement for any refinishing and makes a huge difference for the finished quality of your floor.

nwfa certified sand and finishing
arboritec uv certified


Hardwood has seen a lot of improvements in the last 20 years. Water-based flooring finishes are now some of the best finishes on the market and have a lot of benefits over oil based products. Water-based finishes and UV finishes are much less toxic than other languages and smell better than other finishes. Oil based products can have a lot of V.O.C.’s and gas off for a long period of time. V.O.C.’s can be harmful to your health and are something to consider when choosing a flooring finish during a hardwood floor refinishing project in Nampa. Water based finishes only gas off for about 36 hours and are considered a greener and safer product. These coats can last 5-8 years before needing to be refinished.


Hardwood is resilient and can take a lot of wear and tear before it needs to be refinished. If you start to walk through the finish to bare wood, have dull lifeless finish or lots of scratching it is time for a refinish. It is remarkable how much your floor transforms with just a few hours or work.

  • How you can expect our Employees to Be:
  • Punctual
  • Careful with homeowner property
  • Tidy job site
  • Meets special needs and requests when possible
  • Informative and able to answer questions
  • Background checked
  • Walk through at the end of the job to answer any questions

You can expect the following from a Nampa wood floor refinish :

  • Scratches removed
  • Cracks filled
  • Even consistent sheen
  • Germs and dirt removed
  • Pet stain removal possible
  • Smooth floor
  • Beautiful finished floor
  • Project to last 2-3 days
  • Floor to be ready for 5-8 years of maintenance free enjoyment
  • Cleaning kits provided to ensure you can keep your floor looking good.


When you are ready to talk about your Nampa hardwood refinishing project, we will schedule a time to meet with you. We will meet in your home to go over your project details but also to talk to you about what makes us different, our process and who we are. We want to understand your dream for your flooring so we can turn it into a reality. We can discuss species, stains, colors, finish options and any concerns, questions or ideas you have. After we know what options you may want for your floor we can present you with our samples to allow you to visualize your finished floor and ensure we are meeting your expectations.

Once you agree to the bid received by A-Max Hardwood for your Nampa hardwood flooring project it is time to get on the calendar. You can either call, email or text us to let us know you are ready. Once we know you are ready to begin the project we can get you on our calendar to preform the hardwood floor refinishing work.

Each job starts off with our foreman going over the job with you in detail and what to expect. We find that a job walk through prior to hardwood floor refinish lets the homeowner be in the loop what is happening with inside their home.

At the end of the hardwood floor refinishing project we like to do a post walk through with each customer to show them the transformation of the floor. We also like to show each and every homeowner how to take care of the floor through daily maintenance of the hardwood floor finish. This lets your Nampa hardwood floor refinish last as long as possible!


Dust is the top concern our customers have. We share in this concern and have done everything we can to reduce dust to nearly untraceable levels. We don’t want to leave your home looking like a snow globe but want you to enjoy your beautiful new floor. We have invested in the top vacuum system available to hardwood contractors. We use a trailer mounted vacuum that attaches to all of our sanding machines and quickly removed the dust from your home. This reduces dust immediately but also reduces dust that is released when we bag up the dust for disposal. We are a 99% dust free company and proud of it.

We all know the refinishing flooring creates a lot of dust. The difference in A-Max is our ability to manage this dust. When 99% of the dust is captured we eliminate gallons of dust from being left inside your home. Out bona trailers allow us to be certified dust free. Bona trailer vacuums are the industry standard for dustless refinishes. We use these vacuums for a variety of reasons including-

  • Instant dust removal
  • Dust is not left in the air
  • Safer air quality
  • Job is overall better because of less dust in the finish

We are proud to offer the best dustless hardwood floor refinishing system to all of Nampa and we utilize our dustless sanding equipment during installations as well for the finishing portion.