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A-max Hardwood has over 150 years of hardwood working experience. Our company has been working with wood for over 20 years in some form. A-Max Hardwood is local to Boise, Idaho but we ship our tables across the United States. Each table we make takes many days, serious dedication and a lot of thought. We hand select slabs that will fit the needs of the project, hand construct the boxes they will be fitted into to create the table and hand mix the epoxy to ensure the right color for our customer. We love working with wood!

Each team member has a specific job on a table that is being made. The amount of effort into each solid wood or epoxy river table is astonishing. The A-max team can take your dream idea and make it a reality. No matter your needed size, color, wood type or epoxy color we can fabricate you a very amazing and special table to fit your home and needs. When you receive your table to you will be proud to have a one of a kind, custom table that is constructed to your specifications. A custom table means you wont walk into your friends home to discover they shop at the same stores and have the same furniture as you.

Epoxy can be custom tinted to almost any color. It can be left clear for a beautiful see through accent or tinted to create a solid color. We can customize the tint to give it a solid color or an opaque color. There are metallic accents that can be added to the epoxy to further customize the look. The color choices and customizations of an epoxy river table are truly endless.

*** These solid wood tables are not light – expect a solid table that measures 2 plus inches think and is made of solid wood and epoxy. Solid wood furniture is heavy but these tables take it to the next level. Our solid wood tables can weigh 400 pounds or more.

We use epoxy for our river tables from old timer industries.

Epoxy Table & Solid Wood Table During & After Creation!

Check out our reviews and see why using us for your hardwood table project is a must. We pout our very best foot forward to give you the table you want. We are able to make:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Entry Tables
  • Office Tables
  • Bedside Tables

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“Wow, I am seriously impressed with this table. I could not imagine anything better than owning this solid wood table for my dining room. I am very impressed with A-Max Hardwoods quality of work.”


Not all work is the same. A-Max Hardwood Tables division takes making tables very seriously. All our products are the best of the best. We know that when you combine high quality products with high quality craftsmanship you get high end results. Our slabs are harvested and kiln dried according to standards. Our Epoxy is meant for Tables that are to be eaten off of and for tables up to 4″ thick! Our sanding process is so intense we sand to 2000 grit! Our unique table top oil is food safe, durable and easy to maintain. By sanding your table to 2000 grit we ensure a flawless look that you will love. The oil we use brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The grain movement will pop beautifully and you will be able to see the amazing details of your wood slab. No matter what solid wood or epoxy river table you order you will love the end result.

We work with you from start to finish to choose a slab that will fit your project well. If you want to achieve a certain look for your table we are confident we have a piece of wood that will fit your needs. Wood is a natural product full of natural anomalies, imperfections and beautiful detail. When choosing a slab we show you both sides to allow you to see where there are knots, holes and imperfections that will be filled with epoxy. The river area of the table is where the two sections of wood connect but it is not the only area that contains epoxy.


The A-Max promise is your slab will be stunning. We buy the best wood that will impress you, your friends and anyone who comes in contact with your table. We harvest our slabs from sustainable sources that are of the highest quality. A good looking slab is the beginning of a good looking table. A solid wood table starts with a slab so having the best slab possible means for a great outcome. We are able to get slabs of any kind of wood you would like. We do not stain wood, so you pick the wood species that best fits your end look. We can send you examples of a variety of different end products to allow you to choose the best wood for your décor.

Because we buy our slabs directly from the source we have access to beautiful and nicely sized slabs. We can make very large tables measuring 10 feet or longer with a single slab. We can also make small tables. We know that not everyone has room for a 10 foot long dining table and work hard to meet the needs of every customer. We can make entry way console tables that are only 12 inches wide and are a great place to set your keys, coffee tables custom fit to the size of your couch or desks that are the perfect size for a large gaming computer or scaled down to only fit a laptop and a few papers. We are not your typical furniture store, we are a custom table creator and can make you the table that you need instead of a table designed to be sold to the masses.

Stop shopping at the big box stores and look at the beauty of a custom-made table.