Pre-finished & Engineered Hardwood

A-Max Hardwood offers a variety of pre-finished flooring products. Prefinshed and engineered hardwood is also known as factory finished or engineered floors. Traditionally hardwood flooring is finished in the home after installation but with pre-finished flooring the manufacturer finished the flooring in a factory and there is no sanding or finishing needed after installation.

  • Hallmark
  • Aayers
  • Aacer
  • Urban Flooring
  • SSCL
  • Real Woods


If you are interested in a fast and easy wood floor installation you may want to consider a pre-finished / engineered flooring option. The installation process is quicker and there is less noise associated with the installation. Prefinished / engineered floors are a solid wood product that is either complete solid plank or an engineered product which is a layer real wood on top of a engineered product. These products can often be sanded and refinished when needed.