Once on the job site the crew will survey the space and take note of any issues or special circumstances. These could include an uneven floor, holes or knots needing to be filled, sub floor issues, etc. The purpose is to establish the direction of the project and the full steps needed for completion. Not every project is the same. We like to find what works best for you as an individual.

    After we survey, we bring in our hoses and connect them to our dustless vacuum system. Our dust containment system ensures that the dust we create is quickly removed from your home. We never change bags in your house!
  • 3Installation (if Installing)

    Before installation begins, we will designate an area for wood cutting. Usually this area is outside the home, depending on weather. Installation times can vary; we typically complete ~300 sq. ft. per day. At the end of installation any cracks or blemishes will be filled with the recommended filler.
  • 4Sanding

    The process of sanding wood begins with the 40 grit belt sander, a very aggressive 200 lb. machine. It removes about 1/32” of the floor. Once the belt sander is done we move on to the Lagler Trio. The Lagler Trio is a highly specialized machine used to flatten and level the floor. It also removes large scratches from the floor better than any buffer. Next, we use an edger machine to remove any remaining finish from the edges of the floor. Edging is necessary because the larger machines cannot get as close to the edges as necessary. We then scrape away any finish remaining in the corners by hand. Finally, we use an orbital sander to smooth the outside edges. Debris and dust, not captured by attached vacuums, is removed using a high performance vacuum.
  • 5Finishing

    The seal coat is laid down the same day as sanding. This coat dries after ~2 hours and can be walked on in stocking feet. Wearing socks is important because the oils in your skin can affect the flooring finish. In the morning, the first coat is buffed to remove imperfections. We vacuum and wet-tack the floor 2-3 times to remove debris before laying down the next coat. The second coat is applied and the vacuum/wet-tack process is repeated. The final coat is applied and can be walked on with stocking feet after 2-3 hours of drying, and with shoes after 7 days. UV cured floors can be walked on as soon as they are cured with the UV lamp.
  • 6Furniture

    For UV cured floors, furniture can be placed in the room as soon as we’re out the door. While water-based finishes require 7-14 days to fully cure, furniture can be replaced after 5 days.