Screens and Coats

Recoating saves your hardwood gym floor. Every year that passes, your hardwood wears down. If you let it go too long, it wears so far that a full re-sanding and refinishing is required. This is much more expensive and more time consuming than an annual recoating. We can inspect your floor for excessive wear around the basketball hoop and near entry doorways. If you see excessive wear here, you should call us for inspection. Often times the annual recoating service can be applied to protect your hardwood floor from a complete sanding and refinishing service and most Gym Finish manufactures recommend recoating annually to keep a consistent coefficient of friction on your floor. We also will notify and provide an estimate on paint touch –up, board repairs, or if new painted lines are needed for the next year. Example – charging line and or three point line.


Service Areas: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado

How a Maintenance Coat Works

There are many different types of gym finish that have produced over the years. Some of the options include oil, waterbased, wax, epoxy, etc. Additionally we have different types of cleaners that are recommended for cleaning the surface of your gym floor. When you call or email us for a site inspection we will come out and determine what type of finish you have and then prescribe a solution that will fit your needs and budget. This is where experience and education in the field is important. Once we get you onto a system of maintenance and recoating we will proactively call you each year insure that your floor is recoated at the optimum time.

Once we have determined the prescribed product and method for recoating your floor the next step is to have a discussion on when would be the best time to complete the work. Communication on both sides is very important when we are building a relationship but following up and executing as we both talked about is what you can expect with a partner in A-MAX flooring.

To insure that we don’t have contamination of existing products on the floor we thoroughly clean the floor with special cleaners and preparation chemicals that maximize the coating’s ability to beautify and protect. We have found through experience that prepping the floor is the most important part of the recoating process. Once we have cleaned the floor to our accepted levels then we will start the mechanical abrasion process. This does add a small amount of dust to the process but a mechanical bond is required by most finish manufactures to insure the next coat of finish will bond.

Recoating a floor looks easy but this is where an experienced and education of a floor technician shows the level of expertise acquired. Many variables have to be taken into account for when recoating. Air flow, viscosity of the finish, what type of finish, humidity, time, where to start, how much force applied to applicator, mixing of products, etc. Our experienced team of technicians have applied over a million sq. ft of finish onto gym floors in the past 25 years. This is the confidence and expertise in A-Max that you in trust your gym floor to.