Washington Hardwood Floor Services

Gym Flooring Contractor

As a certified and accredited MFMA gym floor installer & refinisher A-Max Hardwood is perfect for your next gym project. With the ability to make your gym flooring ideas come to fruition, A-Max Hardwood is on time, budget and always successful. We are able to do the following services: installation, refinishing, repairs, design & maintenance.

A-Max Hardwood has the experience needed to make your gym flooring project a success. With over 50 years combined experience combined with our certifications – each and every install is done correctly. Our design capabilities include, stain, painting, sealer and finish.

Gym Flooring Services

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Gym Floor Refinishing

Gym Floor refinishing is great to make the old gym floor look new again or repair damage that might have occurred. A-Max Hardwood is able to complete any gym floor refinishing project start to finish.

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Gym Floor Installation

As an accredited gym floor installer from the MFMA and the mills you know our installation will be done correctly. A proper install ensures your gym floor will last a lifetime.

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Gym Floor Maintenance

A floor that last a lifetime does require maintenance. This yearly maintenance includes cleaning and adding new coats of finish on the floor. A-Max Hardwood is able to do oil and waterbased products on your gym floor.


Gym Floor Design

Any install or refinish needs a great design. If oyu need help designing your basketball court, A-Max hardwood can help you have a great design for the end product of your gym floor.

Residential Hardwood Flooring Contractor

At AMAX Washington we provide a variety of hardwood flooring services. We have been in business for nearly two decades and continue to grow. Hardwood is a passion of ours and we truly love what we do. Amax is certified for both refinishing and installing hardwood floors. We also have certifications from Lagler, Arboritec, Basic Coatings, Loba, Bona and the MFMA. We continue to educate ourselves and our team to ensure your job is done correctly. We follow the proper techniques including nailing schedules, moisture control, finish thickness and grit progression for sanding. We use these techniques to ensure you get the best floor possible.

Dust control is another area we put a lot of emphasis. We have added the best vacuums on the market to help control dust. We utilize the Bona DCS trailers because they are the best dust mitigation system on the market. The trailer houses a 27HP motor that is 2 times as powerful as the competition. We have the best dust collection equipment on the market and are happy to provide out customers with this quality. Amax Washington also uses the best flooring finishes available.

We use a variety of flooring finishes including water based, Swedish, oil and UV finishes. Our estimator is a great resource for discussing the different finishes and making a choice for your specific needs. There are pros and cons to every product, and we help our customers make an educated decision on their floor finish. We install a variety of species and offer staining to help customize your new floor to your needs.

When your floor is installed properly it becomes a forever floor and we are happy to provide our customers with forever floors.

Hardwood Flooring Services

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood flooring is a great way to give your floor a new look and new life. Refinishing hardwood can drastically change the look and feel of your floor as well as your home.

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Wood Floor Installation

Wood floors an ideal surface for your home and a great addition to your home. A new floor or adding on to your wood flooring is a great way to create cleaner lines and a cleaner feeling in your home. It is amazing to see how hardwood transforms a room.

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Floor Maintenance

Maintenance coats are a great way to extend the life of your floor and brighten up your floors. New finish coats can make the floor look uniform and fresh again and help hide some scratching and wear

Cities A-Max Hardwood Services in Washington

A-Max Hardwood is licensed in many states so that we can offer our residential hardwood flooring & gym flooring services. Our gym flooring division is year round and able to assist with any sort of help you might need: installation, refinishing, repair or maintenance. A-Max work on: basketball courts, volleyball courts, dance floors and anything maple flooring. We are able to fully service all of Washington.

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