A-Max Flooring can deliver hardwood basketball court solutions for every type of end user. Whether the NBA, NCAA, high school,elementary, home gym, or multi-purpose application, we offer the best performing hardwood floor available in today’s marketplace. Our team of hardwood flooring experts will guide you through the entire process-from design to installation. We’ve designed and built more than 1,000 game courts in the United States. Explore the floating subfloor, fixed subfloor, and portable floor options. This insures 100% satisfaction with your hardwood surface. It’s guaranteed!

A-Max works with the College of Idaho, Boise School district and many others on their gym floors.

Service Areas: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado


Gym Floor Systems

Fixed Systems

aacer fixed systemFixed and fixed resilient subfloor systems offer a combination of stability and resilience for maple wood surfaces. Whether they’re partially or completely anchored to the concrete substrate, these systems are tailored to fit your needs.

Floating Systems

Floating subfloor systems rest freely with no anchorage to the concrete substrate. Through subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, these systems’ key benefit is shock absorption and resiliency.

Portable Systems

portable-flooring-gymsPortable Systems are designed to meet the demands of arenas, convention centers and stadiums looking for portable hardwood sports flooring. Portable sports floors will provide over 15 years of performance and are designed for frequent install and removal.


What are the A-Max Flooring Guidelines?

We will follow the Manufactures guide to installing the system. Our team has many years and experience in all the subsystem and the know how to install these systems. The maple wood will be racked out and then installed. In some cases you will see expansions or gaps in wood purposely put there to insure as the wood grows that it has a place to grow into. These are set forth by the manufacture and executed by A-Max Flooring. We also can install Volley ball sleeves, blocking for bleachers, thresholds, and electrical box covers. The final touches on the install of the Vented Base around the edges.

How do you prepare the substrates?

At times you will need different substrate services to achieve the installation of your floor and we can help. Concrete floors require proper preparation for proper installation of flooring and coating materials. Moisture remediation could also be needed to ensure a long-lasting flooring system, moisture must be kept out of the picture completely. Many times there are hidden moisture problems that can cause many troubles with your flooring.

Floor preparation is an important key in proper floor installations that last and remain durable. Often the sub-floor that the wooden or synthetic flooring is installed on is not level. An uneven flooring can cause installation problems as well as performance problems after installation. A-Max Flooring can remedy this problem quickly and efficiently with self-leveling cement. We use a very high quality material that performs very well and dries quickly. It provides a strong and stable subfloor for your flooring installation.

How do you acclimate the maple flooring?

The environmental conditions of the room are just as important as concrete slab flatness and moisture content. MFMA has specific recommendations for the temperature and humidity conditions of a room in which the sport flooring is installed. Before we can deliver the wood material, we aim for the following to be complete:

  • All overhead work is complete
  • Painting is complete.
  • Basketball backstops and other athletic equipment are installed.
  • The HVAC system is installed and has been operating.


The environmental conditions of the room are important because wood is hygroscopic material, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture according to the room conditions. If relative humidity of the room is higher than the wood’s moisture content, wood absorbs moisture and expands. If relative humidity is lower, wood releases moisture and shrinks.

  • All windows and doors are installed and functioning.