Nothing Feels Like Clean

The A-MAX deep scrub is the ultimate way to make your floors feel cleaner than ever. Our proprietary system is guaranteed to leave your floor 100% clean, germ free and looking beautiful. A-MAX is certified by Basic Coatings as a professional hardwood floor cleaner.

Hardwood deep cleaning is something everyone should do once a year. A good deep clean by A-MAX flooring will make your floor feel cleaner under your feet, look nicer, and be easier to manage/clean. Every hardwood floor has small little pores that dust, germs, and grime can stick to. Our push behind cleaner uses water and vacuums to get everything off your floor effectively.

What to Expect From a Cleaning

  • All dirt/germs/grime gone
  • Overall sheen will look nicer
  • Feel like it did the day your floor was finished

Hardwood cleaning // Does it work?

Hardwood is often cleaned by hand with things such as a microfiber cloth, a towel, or even a mop. However, did you know every year it is a good idea to actually have your hardwood “scrubbed” to get all the remaining dirt/hair you were unable to get with your mop? It sounds crazy, but mopping will not get up all of the dirt off the floor since there is no scrubbing or suction action. The dirt dragon makes maintenance of your hardwood floor easy. The machine is specifically engineered to clean hardwood floors with all types of different finishes without damaging the top coat!


The very first step is to vacuum the whole floor very thoroughly. It is impossible to clean a floor effectively with hair and loose dirt on the floor. Also, by vacuuming, we are able to see the whole floor before doing any work. By seeing the floor we can see the worst areas that might need extra work.


The walk behind unit comes out and we put a 10 pH solution in the tank. Our 10 pH solution and the scrubbing bristles help truly sanitize the floor and take any contaminants off of the wood finish. After the 10 pH solution has been applied and scrubbed throughout the floor, we do the same thing again with a 7 pH solution.


After the floor has been fully cleaned, we do one last pass with our pH 7 solution. This allows us to see if anything escaped being picked up or cleaned. It also allows us to get any excess water off the floor. At this point, we will then do a walk-thru with you so you can experience the difference and see what a clean floor truly looks like.