Seattle Hardwood Flooring Services

Seattle Gym Flooring

Being a Certified MFMA & installer, A-Max Hardwood ensures a great installation of your hardwood gym floor. We are also certified as a refinishing company for all  hardwood floors. A-Max Hardwood is able to refinish, install, demo, repair, design, paint and finish gym floors. So no matter the job, federal, shoos, universities we are able to do the job.A-Max Hardwood has 50 years combined gym flooring experience. We are able to do any combination of stain, paint – etc. We have done logos 80 feet wide 20 feet tall, or as small as a 4 foot circle. We have the experience needed to make your gym floor look great! We also service every area in all of  Washington.

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Gym Floor Refinishing

Need your gym floor stripped down and resanded to look brand new again, A-Max Hardwood is a certified hardwood refinisher. We are able to resand your floor, seal it, paint it and the finish it. Gym floor refinishing makes your floor look new again!

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Gym Floor Installation

NO matter if your gym needs to be demo’d (ripped out) or it is a new installation A-Max Hardwood is certified to install gym floors by the Maple flooring association. We offer a timeless install no matter the system.

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Gym Floor Maintenance

Your gym needs to be maintained and it can last for over a hundred of years. A-Max Hardwood offers gym floor maintenance to all our clients. Each year we will sand the floor and put 2 coats of finish down. These coats will preserve your floor and make sure it holds up year in and out.


Gym Floor Design

Your gym needs to be maintained and it can last for over a hundred of years. A-Max Hardwood offers gym floor maintenance to all our clients. Each year we will sand the floor and put 2 coats of finish down. These coats will preserve your floor and make sure it holds up year in and out.

Hardwood Refinishing & Installation

We are a certified company in both hardwood refinishing and hardwood floor installation. We are passionate about continued education and also have certifications from MFMA, Basic Coatings, Lagler, Bona, Arboritec and Loba. Our education and certifications help us to ensure we do each step of your job correctly. We know the proper nailing schedules, grit progressions, as well as moisture control. We strive to give every customer the best possible floor.Dust control is another area that we really focus on because it is so important to our customers. We have obtained the best possible vacuum to help control dust for our customers. We use the Bona DCS trailer because the 27 HP engine and 400 CFM keep dust to a minimum. We also have dustless hardwood floor finish vacuums because we know how important keeping your home clean is and want to provide the best possible outcome. AMAX Portland utilizes only the best finishes on the market to ensure they are durable and long lasting. We offer a variety of finishes including- oil, waterbased, UV and Swedish finishes. We can walk you through all the options and help explain the benefits and drawbacks of each finish to help you make a decision on the best fit for your project. We want your floor to last through the years and we will find the right option to ensure you have a long lasting option.

Hardwood Flooring Services

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Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood is a great way to give an old floor new life and even a new look. AMAX floors can sand your floor, apply a stain, apply new finish and transform the look of your floor. We offer dustless refinishing to ensure we leave your home clean and beautiful

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Hardwood Installation

Installing hardwood flooring is one of our specialties at AMAX Floors. We provide quality craftsmanship by employing some of the best craftsman in the industry. We look at your vision for your floor and help it to come to life. There are so many options for hardwood flooring and we want to help you find the right plank size, species and color for your vision.

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Hardwood Maintenance

Want to make your hardwood floors look new but don’t want to refinish? Maintenance coats are great to get rid of most scratches and make the floor good for another 5-7 years.


One of the most frequently asked questions we get at AMAX Floors Portland is about the dust related to refinishing hardwood floors. AMAX floors is proud to say we have the top of the line dust containment system. We utilize Bona Atomic Trailers which allows us to keep the dust level as low as possible and it really amazes our customers. Our trailers have the highest suction or CFM on the market. The dust containment is in a league of its own.Dust isn’t great for the cleanliness of your home but also has some health concerns for our employees and the members of your household. Dust is a carcinogen which is something you don’t want in your home. We want to be dust free for more than just cleanliness but also for our team. We love what we do but don’t love dust. When we add our dustless technology in we eliminate the bad and keep our passion front and center. We invest in good technology because we see the importance of these great resources.


At AMAX floors we are not new in the industry but continue to offer a fresh perspective. We have been around for more than a decade and are always looking for great products that outperform the others. A lot of contracts look at the dollars and pinch pennies to find cheaper options but at AMAX we only offer the best quality products. We want to ensure your hardwood floor installation and refinishing projects have the best of the best quality.We look to great manufactures to ensure the best quality and some of our favorites include Basic Coatings, Arboritec and Bona because o their pricing, durability and local availability. By using products that are made in the US and easily obtainable in the Portland we can keep costs love and help support others around us. We look to mostly 2-part component finishes because of the increased strength.