A-MAX Floors Last a Lifetime

Hardwood floors bring any house alive. Wood floors are a timeless addition to any house. For hundreds of years, wood has been a common choice among people for its value, beauty and durability. When it comes to hardwood floors, there are thousands of species, stains and finishes to choose from.

The foundation of a beautiful wood floor is the installation. A-MAX adheres to the strict policies of the NWFA for hardwood installation to make sure each and every floor is perfect, the way it was meant to be. Our employees are some of the most highly trained hardwood installers and finishers in the Boise and treasure valley. With over 150 years of combined experience, and thousands of happy clients, we can assure our jobs will be completed with the utmost craftsmanship and expertise. We are the only NWFA and MFMA certified hardwood installers in Idaho. Our experience as a company allows us to have great hardwood installations on every job, and even more importantly, know we are installing a “forever floor”.

Hardwood installation is very important. By using A-MAX Hardwood you know that: proper nails, proper nailing schedules, proper use of glue and the wood is tight will be executed – this creates a “forever floor”. A forever floor means your floor can last you over 100 years. By doing the above at time of the hardwood installation you ensure that the floor will not move excessively or have issues in the future. A-MAX Hardwood truly believes if you maintain your hardwood floor you can have a worry free product that looks absolutely fantastic.

nwfa installer certified
mfma gym member



• Adherence to NWFA installation standards
• Cleanup of all materials at the end of the day
• Borders around any fireplace or hearth
• Very tight installation with little to no cracks
• Use of only the best wood mills
• Use of glue where needed


• Always on time
• Conscious of saw dust and dust in the house
• Able to answer any questions you might have
• Ensured to meet all your needs and wants
• Will always adhere to NWFA Standards


There are many different types of hardwood- domestic and exotic. The area you are located dictates which exotic hardwoods are able to be installed in your home. It is safer to use domestic hardwoods, as they tend to be more stable in your home. During your free estimate, our experienced staff member will be able to walk you through which hardwoods are suitable for your home.

To see more about the sanding process click here: Dustless finishing. After the hardwood flooring installation we need to finish the wood. A-MAX Hardwood finishes hardwood flooring to NWFA standards.