This home in Eagle, Idaho near the river has some amazing wood flooring through out the house. The homeowners wanted to have the floor refinished with DCS technology and be on the floor within 2 days. The house was 1,700 Sq. ft! This job was a big task to undertake as the job would normally take 3-4 days.

The main requirement was to ensure little to no dust was produced in the house. To ensure almost no dust A-Max Hardwood always uses Bona DCS trailers. These trailers are 99% dust free and really produce a better working/living environment.

The floor had an oil based polyurethane that had turned the floor a very rich yellow color that the homeowners no longer wanted. The homeowners wanted a floor that had nice rich red colors but without the yellow from before. To not have yellowing in a floor you must use a urethane product that has no yellowing pigments. UV floor finish is a great option for a non-yellowing floor. UV Floor finish also allowed the homeowners to have no downtime and use the floor the day we were done sanding the floor. The total time frame this 1,700 sq. ft. job took was 1.5 days from start to completion.

Before Pictures:

Sanding Process:

The floor, which was Red Birch is a very soft floor. The main issues with birch when sanding is to ensure there is no “dig” marks and using the right girt to ensure there is no grit marks.

  • 60 Grit belt sand
  • 100 grit edger
  • vacuum
  • 80 grit trio
  • vacuum
  • 120 grit trio
  • 120 grit edge
  • vacuum
  • 3 finish coats

The UV Finish used on this floor was RadCoat by Pro-Coat. This finish is a very thick build that gives a non-yellowing finish with great durability. The sheen was satin but is more of a 35 degree satin which is more of a semi-gloss look or what we call a “designer satin”.

After Pictures: