This stunning beautiful home was in the hills of Pharma, Idaho. The home was more like a mega cabin that had wonderful architecture and ascetics throughout. The homeowners were a joy to work with and made our time refinishing their floor very rewarding as they loved the outcome! The floor was rift and quartered red oak and was in need of refinishing after the previous polyurethane was giving way after just 6 years. The stain chosen to match the previous stain color was 9 parts neutral and 1 part chestnut. Below are the picture of the floor. It even looked better in person. It came out absolutely perfect.

The sanding techniques were used as follows:

  • 50 grit belt sand
  • vacuum
  • 80 grit edge
  • 80 grit belt sand
  • vacuum
  • 100 edger
  • 100 grit trio
  • vacuum
  • 120 grit edge
  • 120 grit trio
  • vacuum
  • stain
  • 3 finish coats

The results of this hardwood flooring refinish were exactly as the homeowners wanted and couldn’t have been happier with the final results. Loved working on this project!