Why A-MAX Vacuum's?

The age old issue with hardwood refinishing & installations has always been “dust”. Customers don’t like dust and our employees hate dust. The good news is that A-MAX guarantees our 27 horsepower gasoline trailer vacuums to be better than any other vacuum on the market. You will have the least amount of dust possible in your house if you use A-MAX Flooring, guaranteed.

For many years hardwood professionals have used anything from a 1hp blower to bags on machines and shop-vacs from home depot – you can read more about the different vacuum systems here. I get why people are worried, I would be too! However, the Bona Atomic Trailer changes everything. Watch our videos to see why it is the best system on the market and why you no longer have to worry about dust while having your hardwood floor sanded.

The Facts

Constant Suction

The A-MAX vacuum ensures maximum suction throughout the job. The 27 HP motor allows for a constant 400 CFM throughout the sanding process. Typical shop-vacs and other inferior vacuums have a maximum suction of 260 CFM and constantly loose suction as they run. To have a near dustless environment while sanding, vacuums need to be over 375 CFM’s.

No Mess

Our trailer vacuum carries all the dust outside. This ensures that when our employees change the bag, there is no dust flying around near your house. All other hardwood flooring vacuums and bags are operated inside the house. When changing the bags, dust will fly out and create a mess in your house. The A-MAX Trailer vacuum ensures no dust is in your house.

Best Finish Possible

By having the highest quality vacuums, A-MAX can ensure the highest quality sanding job possible. Since our vacuum sucks at over 200 CFM higher than our competitors vacuums, we are able to have a cleaner floor. This ensures a cleaner finish and better sanding job. With less debris on the floor, our sand paper sands the floor better.

With & Without the A-Max Dustless Trailer