Oregon Hardwood Floor Services

Gym Flooring Contractor

A-Max Hardwood is a certified MFMA and MFMA mill accredited gym floor installer and refinisher. Our company is able to install, refinish, repair, design & maintain your floor. Our company operates in the state of Oregon and services every city within (see below for a list). We are able to do private and public projects (schools etc).

No matter your project, A-max hardwood has the gym flooring experience to make it happen. If your schools needs a crazy logo with stain and 2 different finish types on the same floor – or – you need a fully enclosed dome so that the other half the building is able to operate – A-Max Hardwood is able to do it. Our company has enough experience to facilitate any requests, ideas or needs.

Gym Flooring Services

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Gym Floor Refinishing

Need your gym floor stripped down and resanded to look brand new again, A-Max Hardwood is a certified hardwood refinisher. We are able to resand your floor, seal it, paint it and the finish it. Gym floor refinishing makes your floor look new again!

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Gym Floor Installation

NO matter if your gym needs to be demo’d (ripped out) or it is a new installation A-Max Hardwood is certified to install gym floors by the Maple flooring association. We offer a timeless install no matter the system.

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Gym Floor Maintenance

Your gym needs to be maintained and it can last for over a hundred of years. A-Max Hardwood offers gym floor maintenance to all our clients. Each year we will sand the floor and put 2 coats of finish down. These coats will preserve your floor and make sure it holds up year in and out.


Gym Floor Design

During the refinishing or installation process you will want to have a great design planned for the finished product of your gym floor. A-Max Hardwood is able to design and put your design into play on your gym floor for you – start to finish.

Residential Hardwood Flooring Contractor

A-Max Hardwood Oregon has been in business for over 18 years and we continue to grow. Our passion is hardwood flooring. With over 18 years of experience in customers homes we are able to refinish, install & repair any floor in Oregon.

A-Max Hardwood is certified with the for refinishing & installation. Our company also has certifications for: Lagler, Arboritec, Loba, Basic Coatings, Bona & MFMA.

Every year we continue to grow our education with the to ensure our company is using the best practices possible. By having the best hardwood refinishing and wood floor installation practices really shows in our work and dedication to each and every flooring job we do.

A-Max Hardwood uses a Bona Trailer for each and every job for our dust containment. This trailer is by far the very best trailer on the market for dust. No other company has as good of a trailer as we do!

Along with the Bona trailer we offer Bona finishes to ensure the very best flooring finish on your hardwood floor.

Hardwood Flooring Services

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing gives a new lease on life for your floors and your home! Nothing can dramatically change the loko of your home like a hardwood flooring refinish.

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Wood Floor Installation

Wood floors are great for your home! A new floor or an addition to your current floor is an awesome way to improve your home. We are able to transform any room of your home!

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Wood Floor Maintenance

A maintenance coat over your existing floor can make your floor look new and great again. New finish hides most scratches and gives a uniform look to the whole floor.

Cities A-Max Hardwood Services in Oregon

A-Max Hardwood is licensed in many states so that we can offer our residential hardwood flooring & gym flooring services. Our gym flooring division is year round and able to assist with any sort of help you might need: installation, refinishing, repair or maintenance. A-Max work on: basketball courts, volleyball courts, dance floors and anything maple flooring.  We are able to fully service all Oregon.

  • Eugene
  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Beaverton
  • Bend
  • Medford
  • Springfield
  • Corvallis