Hardwood Floor Installations That Last a Lifetime

We may be biased but we think the best flooring type for any home in Nampa is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to stay with one look for its entire life, it can be updated with new stain colors and finish types. Hardwood flooring has been a top flooring choice for centuries because its beautiful, timeless and durable. Hardwood flooring is a great option for adding value to your Nampa home. Hardwood floors in Nampa are sought after by buyers and homeowners alike.

We think hardwood flooring in Nampa is the best flooring material on the market. The installation of your hardwood flooring is vital to the integrity of your floor. We strive to install lifetime floors that will stand up to the changing of the seasons and ensure it is beautiful for years to come. We adhere to the policies and procedures to make sure your floor is expertly installed and has the right method to last for years to come. Our teams is full of highly trained professionals who are trained to install properly and refinish hardwood flooring with expert care. We know that our customers can see the difference in the craftsmanship when a forever floor is installed. Our company is the only MFMA and certified hardwood installers in Nampa. We know a hardwood flooring remodel is a big cost for many homeowners and we want to meet our customers expectations.

When installing hardwood flooring you are establishing the integrity of the wood and it is vitally important. By utilize the right nails, nailing schedules, craftsmanship and glue you can ensure a forever floor. These techniques are laid out for us by the . When the right steps are taken during installation your floor will shift less, gap only a minimal amount seasonally and avoid other installation issues. When your floor is installed with the right steps it can last 100 years or more with just the routine maintenance recommendations. We have high standards for our customers and strive to provide them a worry free floor.

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Best Nampa Hardwood Floor Installation Contractor & Company

If you have looked at our online presence you have probably seen that we have a great deal of reviews, more than most other companies. We also have more crews. We know that our reputation is attributed to our attention to detail, care for our customers and desire to provide great quality finished products. We are hardwood flooring specialists not just contractors. We know that our customers deserve good quality, reliable service and to have their expectations met. If you are ready to meet with us to discuss your wood flooring project call us at 208.724.3827


  • Know and meet standards
  • Job site kept safe and clean
  • Borders installed when needed for fireplaces and hearths
  • Cracks kept a minimum, tight installation
  • Wood sources from the best mills
  • Glue uses when needed


  • Team arrives on time and ready to work
  • Dust control utilized in your home
  • Informative and able to address any concerns
  • Meets your needs and expectations
  • Adheres to the standards and schedules
  • If you want to learn more about our processes you can read more here- Dust Free Finishing
  • When we install hardwood we also site finish the materials. This requires sanding and our dust free finishing method is a huge benefit of our company. We utilize methods when finishing wood as well.

If you would like to see more about our hardwood floor installation process you can click here – Dust Free Finishing

After we have installed your hardwood flooring we need to finish it on site. We adhere to the finishing standards set forth by the .

A-Max Hardwood of Nampa Installation Process

When you are ready to meet with us to get an installation quote we have a few ways we can do this. We can come to your home and do an in home meeting going over options, measuring and setting expectations. Alternatively, we can do a video call meeting. This allows us to see your space, show you products and discuss options while respecting physical distancing. This method is great for people who are very busy also and can jump on for a quick call at a convenient time rather than setting an in person appointment. We have a variety of hardwood options that meet different budgets and price points. We provide out customers with a bid with 24 hours of our meeting that shows your true costs, no hidden fees here.

Once you want to have us preform the work, give us a call or email us to schedule your job. Once the hardwood floor installation in your Nampa home is on our calendar we will show up on that date ready to work. Remember, installations require that the wood is on site 2 weeks prior to the job starting!

When the day of the installation comes, our crew will show up, do a small walk-thru of the job with you and ask if you have any questions. After this phase the guys will get to work and begin making your hardwood floor installation to what you expect!

After the work is preformed by our crews, we always do a walk-thru to ensure that you understand the maintenance of the floor and how to clean it. Also, of course! to show you how wonderful the new floor is.


When installing new wood flooring you will choose a species. The two main species types are domestic and exotic. These differ based on where you live and our team is knowledgeable on how these woods will work in your home. Domestic wood like oak, hickory and other “american” woods are more stable and consider a safer choice .