This floor is an original “Hummel” architect home by Mr. Hummel himself. The home was actually used and lived in by Mr. Hummel. The history of the home is second to none and had great wood work through out the home. Upon walking into the home you could tell the level of detail to all the wood work was simply amazing and not normally seen in most homes in Boise. The original parquet wood floor was in rough condition but would easily be salvaged to show its original beauty again. The main concern of the homeowner was that the floor looked as it once did. This meant we needed to stain the floor with a chestnut color. It ended being a custom mix that perfectly matched the other wood surfaces.

Below are the finish results of the refinish:

The process used sanding this floor was:

  • 50 grit belt sander
  • vacuum
  • 80 grit edger
  • 80 grit belt sander
  • vacuum
  • 100 grit & 120 grit trio
  • 120 grit edger
  • vacuum
  • stain
  • 3 finish coats of StreetShoe by Basic Coatings

The finish was Basic coatings “satin” but realistically came out between a satin and a semi gloss compared to other finishes you might normally use. The sheen was a perfect match for the floor to show the beauty. The homeowners were at a loss of words for the look of the floor and were simply impressed! It was a thrill and joy to work on such a wonderful floor.