River Run is a wonderful area, the landscaping and houses are all spectacular. This home was no different. The home was beautiful and the surroundings were just as wonderful. The floor was a #1 common red oak. When called to the floor it was already halfway stained, and semi-sanded. Upon learning more the homeowners were having a friend stain it and the wrong stain was used. The stain used looked like an Ebony duraseal when it really was a Chestnut.

The stain process used was not correct and the wood was super saturated. Even with 5 days of dry time stain was still coming out of the wood pores. The method used was a lambswool with no wiping off of stain. This left the stain to full saturate the wood very deep. When sanding the floor 5 days later stain would wick up to the top.

The process to get rid of the stain took 4 days. A-Max decided to 50 grit the floor to get rid of 75% of the stain on the top surface. Then, we turned the heat up to re-dry the top layer of stain for 1 night. After this we 100grit the floor to remove any stain on the surface yet again. Then we let the stain sit for another 2 days with the heat on. Finally, on the last belt sand we did an 80 grit and all the stain was gone.

The homeowners decided to use UV finish. The sheen used was semi-gloss. Duraseal nutmeg stain was used.  The end product was absolutely stunning. The stain was as even, the finish was the perfect sheen for the house and the most importantly the homeowners were absolutely thrilled with the ending product. They got the color stain they wanted!