This birch floor was in the hills of Boise.

This lovely Boise hills home had red birch that was old, yellow and scratched. They thought they had normal yellow birch. Little did they know that they really had red birch under their  Oil Modified Urethane finish. They made sure to let us know they wanted a coating that would not keep getting more and more yellow year after year. They wanted to see the beauty of the wood for what it really was. The house deserved a wonderful floor for such a wonderful view.

The pictures do not do this floor the true justice of the in-person view.

The finish used on this floor was Arboritec which is known for its wonderful leveling and superior strength. The finish is a 3 coat system that consists of a sealer, 2k component and a u.v. top coat. The sheen used on this floor was a satin. The homeowner wanted to make sure to minimize the amount of scratches that would appear over time and hide any dust.


The sanding process is as follows:

  • 60 girt belt sand
  • vacuum
  • 80 girt edge
  • 60 grit trio
  • vacuum
  • 100 grit trio
  • 100 grit edge
  • vacuum
  • 3 coats of sealer/finish

This project of 1,000 sq. ft. was completed in a 2 day process. I will never forget the wonderful view! Boise is such an amazing place with so many lovely places.