About this Job

This job was in the Two Rivers / Island Woods community. The wood was a walnut. The issue was there had been an ice dam from winter and the wood needed replaced with new walnut to be sanded.

Wood needs to be with 2% moisture between the solid planks and the sublfoor. This will ensure the new wood does not cup/crown after the work is finished.

Most the floor had different colors/lines/sheens and the owners wanted something that was fresh, more lively and was brighter of a color.

WE used a neutral duraseal oil stain to give the depth and color of the walnut then top coated it with water-based finish from Arboritec. The ceramic fortified finish should give them years of durability. We were also able to put a sealer down that had UV blockers almost like sunscreen to hopefully stop some of the bleaching.

The beauty of this walnut is simply amazing. The colors really popped out and gave the house a fresh new look.

Before Pictures

After Pictures