About the AMAX Vaccum

Dust is any home owners major concern, AMAX gets it. In fact, AMAX and all of its employees hate dust too. Nothing is worse than having to spend hours upon hours cleaning valuables. We rather spend that time showing you the wonderful floor we crafted for your family to live on. This is the reason AMAX has the best vacuum system in the world.

Our 27 H.P. motor sucks dust out better than anything in the world. Unlike traditional sanding equipment and vacuums, our dust travels through your front door in hoses rather than bags. When we empty our dust bags it is yards away from your front door. NO other system beats the sucking power of the AMAX trailers, nothing. We are truly 99% dust free, unless a 27 H.P. motor is involved you will have tons of dust.

The Facts

Constant Suction

The AMAX vacuum ensures maximum suction throughout the job. The 27 HP motor allows for a constant 400 CFM throughout the sanding process. Typical shop-vacs and other inferior vacuums have a maximum suction of 260 CFM and constantly loose suction as they run. To have a near dustless environment while sanding vacuums need to be over 375 CFM’s.

No Mess

Our trailer vacuum carries all the dust outside, this ensures when our employees change the bag there is no dust flying around near your house. All other hardwood flooring vacuums and bags are housed inside the house. When changing the bags dust will fly out and create a mess in your house. The AMAX Trailer vacuum ensures no dust is in your house.

Best Finish Possible

By having the highest quality vacuums AMAX can ensure the highest quality sanding job possible. Since our vacuum sucks at over 200CFM higher than our competitors vacuums we are able to have a cleaner floor. This ensures a cleaner finish and better sanding job. With less debris on the floor our sand paper sands the floor better.

AMAX Takes Dust Collect a Step Further

The first step in any vacuum setup is to have a great vacuum that forces a lot of CFM’s to the end of the vacuum. However, that is only half the equation, you also need to have dust control skirts on the machines near the floor. Dust skirts create a stronger suction since less air can flow out of the machines.

AMAX Flooring has proprietary dust skirts for our edgers and buffers. These custom made dust skirts ensure even better dust control on all our machines. Our custom made dust skirts increase suction at the machine by over 125%. This suction ensures 99.5% of all dust is sucked into our trailer and not left in your house.