This northend house had not had its floors refinished in over 20 years. The floor had wear spots in areas and had grey throughout the floor. The AMAX team was able to refinish this old, abused floor back to its orginal glory. You can see the  before pictures below:

The floor was resanded using the below process:

  • 40 grit belt
  • vacuum
  • 80 grit edge
  • vacuum
  • 60 grit belt
  • 100 grit edge
  • vacuum
  • 60 grit tri0
  • 100 grit trio
  • vacuum
  • 4 coats of waterbased finish

The after results are below:

After the refinsihign process you were unable to see any of theprevious grey wear path or any of the issues that plagued the floor previous to the refinish.