Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Choosing laminate flooring have a lot of benefits and one of the biggest benefits is that it is a practical option for your family. Below we have listed some of the additional benefits of laminate flooring.

Low Maintenance
No flooring type is truly maintenance free but laminate comes close. You have to sweep or vacuum laminate but that is about all! Occasional mopping is important for cleanliness but there is no resealing, sanding, etc involved with laminate floors.

Hygienic and Allergy Friendly
Because laminate has a closed-surface structure and closed joints there is little area to trap dust and dirt. The sealed surface also helps to stop bacteria from accumulating on the floor. Dust mites and allergy-causing organism struggle to live on a clean laminate flooring. This makes laminate a great option for children and people with allergies or asthma.

Spill and Stain Resistant
Things like wine and soda can easily be wiped off of this flooring type. Paint, crayon, shoe polish and even nail polish can be removed easily as well. Gum and other sticky substances can be scraped from the surface.

A Style for Every Home
There is a lot of design options when it comes to laminate. You can add style and design to your home with an antique oak, distressed pine, or other wood look. There are a lot of rare and exotic woods out there and with laminate that can be affordable.

You can also use pattern laying options to create a custom look with things like room borders or special style installation.

Great Durability
The durability of laminate is unmatched. It is less likely to scratch than wood and the finish coat offers unsurpassed stain and wear resistance.

Installs Easily
Laminate is a flooring floor which means each plank attaches to the next rather than being attached to the sub-floor. This tongue-and-groove system is glue free which is easier than other options. Professionals can install this flooring quickly and still deliver a beautiful finished product.

Finally the matching accessories can create a beautiful finished look. Coordinating moldings, stair nosing, wall base trip and transition strips create a cohesive finished product.

All these reasons help to make laminate a beautiful product with great potential for your home.