Prefinished Hardwood Floor Design

Hardwood is a beautiful addition to any home. You can find a wood that is the right shade or stain for your style and home. The wood may add a homey feel to your home or add an elegant flair. Decorating with hardwood is a great way to add design and style while saying timeless. Hardwood color, species, grain, board width, sheen and edge style can all be options you have to help create your ideal look.

Rugs are a great addition to hardwood flooring and are great for protecting your flooring in high traffic areas. Other people choose to use rugs in the fall and winter and move them to storage during the warmer months. Rugs are also great in kitchens to protect the floor from water around the sink or dishwasher.

Bare wooden floors can also be a design feature. The board lines can make a room look longer. Interior designers love the way hardwood flooring melds itself to any design.

Design Elements- Consider how your flooring can tie your room together and how it will transition from one room to the next. Hardwood can serve as another accent feature in your home and show off your furniture and art.

Dark Wood- Dark wood is very popular and looks great in a room with a lot of natural light. It can also create a more formal look for a room.

Lighter Woods- Lighter woods are great for rooms with less natural light and can actually add light to a room. Lighter wood looks great with a variety of different design styles, colors and lots of different styles of furniture.

Edge Style- When working with prefinished hardwood you often have a choice of different bevels on your boards. You can find some with a square bevel which does not show seams between boards and have a great formal look. There are also beveled boards which create a line between each board and is a more relaxed or casual look.

Board Width- Board width is another way to add style to your wood and make it fit your design. Wider boards are currently in style and can add a country feel to a room. Wider planks also make a room look more cozy and inviting. Narrower boards can make a room seem more open and add depth to the room.

Borders and accents- These are a great way to add style to your floor. An inset boarded can add a custom touch without breaking the bank. Some designers have started adding accents of different materials like stone or tile into wood flooring to really add some character to the floor.

Patterns – Installing your wood in a different pattern like installing at a 45-degree angle can make a huge visual impact. Other patterns like herringbone or chevron wood flooring are popular and beautiful.